Assistive Listening & T-Coil Hearing Loop in the Worship & Welcome Centers

Do you or a loved one have trouble hearing? We have two ways we can help.

I Have Trouble Hearing - But Don't Have A Hearing Aid!

If you do not have a hearing aid, but have difficulty hearing, we recommend you try one of our hearing receivers. The receiver allows you to hear the amplified audio better. You use the headphones provided while sitting in our welcome center. If you need assistance, please ask one of our Welcome Team volunteers.

I Have A Hearing Aid! How Can You Help?

Even with hearing aids, background noise and interference can make it difficult for those with hearing challenges to hear well in church. To combat this, Light of Christ Church has installed an induction hearing loop under the carpet throughout the Worship & Welcome Centers. This allows all sound amplified in church to also be transmitted through a hearing aid right into a person's ear! Those with hearing challenges should switch their hearing aid to the t-coil setting to take advantage of this technology.

What is A Hearing Loop?

A hearing loop, or induction loop system, located under the carpet in the Welcome & Worship Centers that conduct the sound from a microphone directly into a receiver inside a hearing aid or cochlear implant. When sound from a microphone is produced, an amplifier sends the signal to this wire, which then transmits the signal electromagnetically right into the “T-Coil” found in most modern hearing aids.

How Do I Know if I Have T-coils in My Hearing Aids?

Most hearing aids have t-coils, although that feature is not always turned on. The t-coil program is sometimes called the telephone program. If there is a push button on your instrument, it is likely the telecoil program, and is an option that may not have been activated by your audiologist. Please contact your audiologist to find out if your instruments have the telecoils.


Please contact Jack Belford, Coordinator of Worship Production, with any additional questions regarding Assistive Listening at Light of Christ Church. 

Jack Belford

Coordinator, Worship Production